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What Are?


Herbal Medicine can be used in quite a number of different ways. Depending upon the ailment or problem, depending upon the individual who is applying the healing or even by whom is receiving the treatment, all of which depends upon what application is used. On this page discover a little bit more about the different applications of various herbs preparations.



Water Infusions - Hot: When plant material is infused in water, after about 3-5 minutes, the water becomes a fragrantly scented and pleasantly refreshing drink known as 'tea'. However, tea is more than just an enjoyable means of quenching thirst. Our bodies are 90% water and we have an intimate affinity with this element.


Water Infusions - Cold: Place the herbs in cold water and soak for 8-12 hours having the best result if left overnight, the strain and slightly warm before drinking.

Tinctures: In a tincture the properties of the herbs are extracted and preserved in alcohol. In ancient times this was accomplished using wines, (as is where the "mulled wines" originated from!) Tinctures can be made with fresh or dried herbs. Tinctures can also be made "non-alcoholic" by adding the adequate ratio of water to the tincture mix and leaving the mixture uncovered for several hours while the alcohol evaporates, useful for those people that are unable to take alcohol.


Poultices: Poultices are herbal compresses that are very handy for skin problems and even muscular and bone ailments. They are made by steaming the herbs over water, but not touching the water. Cover and steam for a few minutes, just so that the herbs "wilt". And by spreading the softened herbs on a cloth and place on the affected area. Cover the "compress" with a woolen cloth and leave on for approximately 2 hours.


Decoctions: A decoction is an extract of herbs produced by boiling the herb in water. This method is used for hard seeds, roots and barks, which need much longer than just a few minutes to infuse. I prefer to use this technique, because there is something mystical, and very healing about this medium. Although decoctions are prepared by prolonged simmering, they still contain the essential qualities of the fresh herbs.


Fomentation: Is just a towel or cloth soaked in an herbal infusion or decoction, with the excess wrung out and then applied as hot as possible (without burning) to the affected area.