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Natural Healing Methods


Most Natural Therapies are innocently unexplored and as their numbers are vast so too, can their uses be just as numerous, and in quite a number of different ways. Depending upon the application and the problem, depending upon the individual who is applying the healing or even by whom is receiving the treatment, all of which depends upon what application is the best method of healing. On this page discover a little bit more about the different applications of various natural healing.



Accupressure: Developed from the same philosophy and understanding about health and disease as that for Accupuncture but finger pressure on the points is used instead of needles.

Accupuncture: A method of treatment developed in ancient China to promote health through balancing energies by means of needles inserted into particular points on the skin which relate to the channels for energy flow known as meridians..


Alexander Technique: A technique developed by F.M Alexander to re-educate people into more natural and healthful methods of posture with primary importance being attached to the head-neck-back relationships.


Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils and flower essences which are massaged into the skin for a healing and stimulating effect on the tissues and organs.


Atmic/Atma: Atma is the innermost spiritual essence of man/woman which resides on the atmic plane of the universe as expressed by the Trans-Himalayan teaching about the constitution of man and the universe.


Bach Flowers: A system of therapy developed by Dr Edward Bach involving thirty-eight European flower essences whch are given orally for various emotional imbalances.


Buddhi/Buddhic Plane: The principle of love/wisdom or pure reason in man/woman and the associated plane of the universe as depicted by the Trans-Himalayan teachings.


Chakras: The term which is commonly applied in esoteric teaching to the vortices of energy associated with the energy body which under-lies the physical body and which transmit energies from one part of this subtle body to another.


Chi: A Chinese term for the life-force underlying the physical existence and function of organs and tissues. This life-force is regulated to promote health by means of accupuncture and related therapies.


De-amouring: A term coined by William Reich to explain the release during therapy from tension and rigidity in muscles associated with emotional repression and suppression.

Some Factors Leading to Disease

Stress and negative emotions

Lack of rest and relaxaiton

Lack of exercise

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies in diet

Poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals

Some pharmaceutical drugs, especially drug abuse.

Alcohol abuse.

Polllution of food, air and water from:

Insecticides, industrial effluent and/or food additives

Electronic pollution from:

High voltage power lines, television, video and computer screens, xrays and ultrasounds.


Etheric body/plane: The common term used for the subtle energy vehicle and state which under-lies the physical body and the physical universe and which is understood to condition health and disease in all kingdoms in nature.

Herbal Medicine: The use of herbs as teas, tinctures, fluid extracts, poultices, sitz baths or tablets to promote and restore health in animals and mankind.


Homoeopathy: The use of animal, vegetable or mineral matter in minute doses to stimulate the immune system and the healthy function of organs and tissues through the selection of a remedy which matches closely to disease process to be treated.


Homoeostatis: The self-regulating and balancing systems within the living organism which tend to promote a healthy equilibrium in the body.


Kinesiology: Applied kinesiology uses the application of muscle testing to diagnose physiological conditions and anatomical problems of the human body.


Kirlian Photography: High frequency photography pioneered by Semyon Kirlian and which has been used to diagnose illnesses and to monitor energy states in the body through assessment of the variations in the coronal discharged photographed around living matter.


Manas/mental plane: The principle of mind and the thinker residing on that level of the universe which is named the mental plane or noosphere.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness



The plane of the divine


Monadic Plane

Home of our highest spiritual self - the monad



The plane of spiritual will


Buddhic Plane

The level of pure love/wisdom or pure reason


Mental Plane

Focus of higher mind or manas - home of our soul

Lower or concentrate mind


Astral Plane

Focus of our feelings and emotions


Etheric Plane

Physical plane of our senses - solids, liquids and gases


Orgonomy: The name for the science and therapeutic modality based upon the discovery of orgone or life energy by Wilhelm Reich. The therapy aims at establishing orgastic potency through the release of rigid and tense muscles. See also De-amouring.


Primal Streaming: A system of therapy developed by Dr Ivan Janov to release deep-seated emotional tensions which interfere with the growth and development.


Prana: The Hindu term for the life-energy originally derived from the sun which according to its state in the body is responsible for health or disease. See also Chi.


Theratest: A form of German electro-accupuncture involving electrical measurement at an accupuncture point as a means of translating and evaluating energy flowing in the accupuncture meridians.


Touch-for Health: A therapy for balancing energies in the body using the Chinese meridian system by means of linking the therapist with the patient through touch.


Vivaxis: A method pioneered by Frances Nixon to evaluate body and life energies and to rebalance and restore these energies using specific energy bands which flow through the surface of the earth.