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Wendy's Letters.


This page has some more personal correspondence that I have had sent to me from you the people, some are more on the personal side, and others are from bigger companies.

I have included these in my web site just to show you that Herbs and their vast array of applications are very popular.

Please feel free to browse through them and read the contents of other people's thoughts and views on Herbal Applications.

This below, is an email that I received yesterday (6 January, 2001) from the International Executive Registry Guild in recognition of this site. WOW!

Dear Professional,
You have been selected as a potential candidate for a free listing in the 2001 Edition of the International Executive Guild Registry.

Please accept our congratulations for this coveted honor.

As this edition is so important in view of the new millennium, the International Executive Guild Registry will be published in two different formats; the searchable CD-ROM and the Online Registry.

Since inclusion can be considered recognition of your career position and professionalism, each candidate is evaluated in keeping with high standards of individual achievement. In light of this, the International Executive Guild thinks that you may make an interesting biographical subject.

We look forward to your inclusion and appearance in the International Executive Guild's Registry. Best wishes for your continued success.

International Executive Guild
Listing Dept.

This below, is an email that I received from Kurt Jessurun, Vice President of Tropilab Operations in Suriname.


"Kurt Jessurun" <>


Fri, 27 Oct 2000 11:37:32 -0500


Dear Shadow:


We have (finally) added a link to your site!

It will take effect early November.

I noticed you also have an interest in herbs for ceremonials.

As you may know the amazon rainforest has a lot to offer in this respect.





V.P. Operations South America.

This below, is an email that I received from Dr Duane Weed, who asked a very interesting question, and who brought my attention to details that I had left off from a particular page - that has now been rectified.


On your Chinese elements chart at: You have two categories listed at the very bottom for essential oils. One, the bottom one, shows the oils in parenthesis. The other, the one above that one, does not. What is the difference between these two categories.

Thanks, Duane


Reply as follows:

Hi Duane,

In the Essential oil table that is in my aromatherapy section on my website, you will see that it is specifically based on the Traditional Chinese Table.

In reference to your query, the essential oils listed first in the table refer to the "parent oils" preferred by the traditional chinese, and the oils listed in parenthesis are "secondary oils" which can be used as alteratives to the parent oils if needed, or in the case of an oil that is unobtainable, a supplement can be chosen from this part of the table.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, as I have failed to explain this on that particular page.

Yours sincerely,


This email below is the latest one that I have received from "Debbie", concerning her up and coming novel. She first contacted me last year asking for suggestions on "herb" names for her characters.

Hi Shadow,

I hope you remember me--the writer needing herb information! Please note that I am using this Yahoo e-mail address rather than the Juno one now. I have taken a couple of months off to move and get my family settled, then spent the past few weeks editing a manuscript for an author in LA. I should finish the edit this weekend and will begin devoting time to my own manuscript again.

Hope you are having a wonderful New Year!