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Herbs in Literature


On this page you will be able to see just some of the few different applications that herbs (and plants) have been used, for inspiration. Considering that herbs have been around since time began, and that their properties and powers have astounded so many people, that they have used them in all types of literature. They have been applied to quotes, sayings, in poetry, in song and in spell casting. Just to give you some idea of the vastness of inspiration that everyday herbs (and plants) have brought to many people. As many people from all walks of life still use herbs (and plants) as inspiration today. And providing your own personal knowledge, they can bring a wealth of harmony into your life. So no matter what type of person you are, or from which walk of life you belong to, or from what culture or even which religion you carry, herbs (and plants) will have at some time, infiltrated your life at some point. So just sit back and read the following and I hope that you will enjoy them so much that you too, will be inspired.

Poetic Herbs.

The southern sun shines brightly on this summers' day, as the leaves of the great Mayall shades me. I sit alone in my sacred garden, of all my precious plants and herbs. For I have gained their infinite knowledge, now I absorb their mystical powers. The gentle northern breeze, rustles through their leaves and flowers. Infusing the air with their sweet scent. Their aroma becomes quite therapeutic as I muse over their ancient lore.

Wendy Eversen, 2000.


Here's flowers for you; Hot lavender, mints, savoury, marjoram; The marigold, that goes to bed wi' the sun, And with him rises weeping...

William Shakespeare, 1611.


And because the Breath of Flowers is farre Sweeter in the Aire (where it comes and Gose, like the Warbling of Musick) than in the hand, therefore nothing is more fit for delight, than to know what be the Flowers and the Plants that doe best perfume the Aire.

Francis Bacon, 1625.


My gardens sweet, enclosed with walles strong, embarked with benches to sytt and take my rest. The Knotts so enknotted, it cannot be exprest. With arbours and alys so pleasant and so dulce, the pestylant ayers with flavours to repulse.

Thomas Cavendish, 1532.


When daisies pied and violets blue, and lady-smocks all silver white. And Cuckoo-buds of yellow hue, do paint the meadows with delight.

William Shakespeare, 1595.


Herb Quotes and Sayings.

Women with child that eat quinces will bear wise children.

Dodoens, 1578.


What is Paradise? But a Garden, an Orchard of Trees and Herbs, full of pleasure, and nothing there but delights.

William Lawson, 1618.


And in his blood that on the ground lay spilled, A purple flower sprung up checquer'd with white.

William Shakespeare, 1593.


Caesar....saith, that all the Britons do colour themselves with Woad, which giveth a blew colour...

John Gerard, 1597.


Everyone in town and country had a garden, but all the more hardy plants grew in the field in rows, amidst the hills, as they were called, of Indian corn.

Anne Grant, 1700.


Herbs In Song.

Yesterday I had peas and pot herbs, today pot herbs and peas; tomorrow I shall eat peas with my pot herbs and the day after pot herbs with my peas.

Benedictine Monk, 1053.


Good morrow, good Yarrow, good morrow to thee. Send me this night my true love to see, The clothes that he'll wear, the colour of his hair. And if he'll wed me..

Danaher, 1756.


This has been our way" Spring for ploughing and sowing, Summer for strengthening and encouraging the grain, Autumn for ripening the corn and reaping it, Winter for enjoying it.

Macneil, 1833.

Herbs And Spell Casting.

Every herb and every plant has some application in spellcasting, and unless you truly know what you are doing, I advise to leave well enough alone. There are laws and principles involved here in this section, therefore, I have kept this particular section sealed. This is not meant to scare or deter you in anyway, I just thought it wiser not to enclose any spells in this section. I hope that you who visits here, understand my reasons!

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