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What a pleasure it is to read and to browse through a good web site. Wendy brings to her web site the deep compassion and strives for professional satisfaction that her many visitors would expect.

The visitor can be confident that the insights and information contained in this "Herb Wisdom's" Web site is based on a wealth of experience, competence, and therapeutic understanding. Wendy has the unique ability of making the most obtuse herbal concepts readily understandable, leading the visitor/reader to their practical applications.

The more we turn our attentions towards our relationship with nature, the more profound becomes the insights into the close embrace that we share. Herbalism is the medicine of belonging, the direct experience of the whole healing the part.

Our world blesses us with herbs,
the leaves of life.


Wendy wishes you to enjoy all the fruits of this web site and please feel free to contact her if you require anymore information.