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Healing with Crystals

Medical successes with healing crystals are amazing; politicians, actors, naturopaths, even the famous author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wore healing gems around the neck and reported sensational effects: new power, energy and relief from pain, month after month. Healing crystals are brilliantly coloured stones, each with its specific high-power vibration energy and valuable minerals. Every precious stone is associated with a particular sign of the zodiac in which its healing power is apparently strongest. You can benefit from these wonderful, thousand-year-old realisacitons for your health and inner balance. Every month, wear the proper healing crystal around your neck and let it help you - exactly as thousands of other people have done, rejoicing daily ever since over their health and fitness. After all, knowledge about the hidden power of the gems is not new; the colour and the beauty of stones were already a symbol of power and wealth in the 3th century before Christ. They adorned amulets and talismans, and until the Renaissance were an established part of the medical healing arts. After a long period during which they were forgotten, precious stones are today again in use by numerous naturopaths. The gem healer lays the proper crystal on the painful part of the body. Many people prepare an elixir (place the crystal in water for an hour and then drink) or wear their valuable helper and lucky charm on a chain.

Crystals and their Powers:


Black Onyx: The crystal of Aquarius...(20 January - 18 February) used in gem therapy to stimulate circulation and healing of wounds. It protects us from negative outer influences.

Amethyst: The healing crystal of Pisces...(19 February - 20 March)...your own pain reliever! Especially valuable in treating migraine, tension and fears. Gives you security.

Jasper: Works in the sign of Aries...(21 March - 20 April)...most strongly. It stimulates the circulatory system, strengthens the immune system, and is helpful for lack of concentrations and forgetfulness. An especially powerful stone that can give you an inner stability and more self-confidence.

Rose Quartz: In the sign of Taurus...(21 April - 20 May)...The crystal for the heart! Rose quartz is said to strengthen the heart and help heal psychic chest pains, as well as for the loss of a beloved person.

Moss Agate: The healing crystal of Gemini...(21 May - 21 June) especially effective for metabolism and the pancreas. It protects against addiction and strengthens the will.

Aventurine: The crystal of Cancer...(21 June - 22 July) especially effective for human skin. It is therefore used by naturopaths to treat skin diseases of all types. The old Romans were convinced that aventurine imparted courage and optimism.

Rock Crystal: The healing crystal of Leo...(23 July - 22 August)...Clear quartz develops its healing power best during the sign of Leo. It should perk up tired eyes, relieve eye diseases and headaches. Its clear energy brings light into our bodies and protects form negative vibrations.

Tiger's Eye: The healing crystal of Virgo...(23 August - 22 September)...The old Greeks honoured tiger's eye as a stimulant. In modern gem therapy tiger's eye, which belongs to the sign of Virgo, is said to be effective for the joints, the vertebral discs and the nervous system. It should help us to find our way to the self.

Snow Quartz: The stone of Libra...(23 September - 22 October) known as a regulator for the fat level in the blood and as an activator for the stomach, intestinal and lung functions. On the level of the psyche it should help one to find inner peace.

Carnelian: The healing crystal of Scorpio...(23 October - 21 November)...The fiery-red bloodstone. As the healing stone of Scorpio it can staunch light bleeding, strengthens the functions of the heart and lungs and assure that the blood receives enough oxygen. It gives you joy in living and warmth.

Sodalite: The healing crystal of Saggitarius...( 22 November - 21 December)...Dark blue, glowing sodalite belongs to the sign of Saggitarius. Wear it during this month around your neck for optimum benefit from its healing power. It is said to be effective for the thyroid and helpful for diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure. It strengthens sensitive persons and protects from fears.

Dendritic agate: The healing crystal of Capricorn...(22 December - 19 January)...The absolute bracer and comforter. The healing crystal of Capricorn helps with nervousness, restlessness and stress. It should help you find inner quiet and strength and make problems easier to bear.