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Chinese Medicine



As we march into the 21st century, Western medicine has been advancing by leaps and bounds along with the ever-increasing demand of human beings for longevity and health. While people are rejoicing at the good news brought to human beings by medical breakthroughs all over the world, they have also witnessed the various types of harm it has done to the human body. Thus, it has become an issue that must be urgently resolved to advocate and seek natural therapies that pose no harm to the human body. For this reason, traditional Chinese medicine has gradually been recognized and accepted by people all over the world. Therefore, the principles of "stressing the prevention of diseases" and "treatment by means of nutrition" have become the essence of health care concepts in both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a very long history. According to legend, Chinese medicines originated from Shen Nong's tasting of hundreds of herbs and medicinal materials. As the legend relates, Shen Nong gathered wild foodstuffs for cultivation and then selected those with medicinal value from among them for the treatment of diseases. At least half of the 365 medicines listed in "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" possess both medicinal and food value; while the 260 items listed in "The Dietetic Materia Medica", written centuries later by Meng Shen of the Tang Dynasty include nearly all of the types of food that people require daily, such as rice and other cereals, melons and gourds, fruits, game and edible wild vegetables, meat, poultry and eggs, fish, shrimp and other seafood, etc. Later still, more than 300 kinds of foodstuffs were recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" written by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty. All of these works point to the common sources of medicines and foods, and to the fact that the same things have long been used as both foods and medicines.

For this reason, and with the energetic support of the famous Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital and the Guangdong University of Chinese Medicine in China and a number of well-known veteran Chinese physicians, this Website aims at providing those who wish to learn about the science and culture of traditional Chinese medicine and those seeking ways of maintaining good health with various types of information on Chinese medicine, such as the History, Herbal Encyclopedia, Clinical administration of the medicines, East Meets West (the combination of traditional Chinese and Western Medicines) and so forth. In particular, we recommend to our users columns such as our Hot Spot, Doctor's Online, Therapies and Medication and Joy and Health, which place information such as the latest seasonal health care recipes or 23 hours weekly free doctor consultancy right at your fingertips, enabling you to live a healthy and wonderful life in a relaxed and easy manner in our Health-Keeping Paradise which emphasizes the "natural way".



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