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Ayurveda Medicine


Ayurveda is India's contribution to humanity in its search for health care, well being and longevity. This wonderful treatise on human health is considered as the 'fifth Veda' narrated directly by God to great Rishis of the ancient past. It mellowed with the evolution of Indian civilisation tracing its origin to "Adharva Veda' the oldest work of Philosophy and science in the history of mankind. And where, almost all medicines are of plant origin, they do not have any side effects. It flourished at a time when all the science branches, we now practice, were in its rudiments. Physicians the world over, now consider Ayurveda as a system of treatment embedded in nature that couples medication and recognised lifestyle. In the modern era, where most of the diseases result from mutations in life styles, we have started to look back into this ancient wisdom, which advocates a therapy that has its roots in nature. Ayurveda has withstood the test of time, for over four millenniums by propagation as smrithi and sruthi (through oral education and discussion ) and mananam (meditation).

Most of the reference texts that are in use today were recorded after 1000B.C. It can be seen that Principles of Ayurveda are retained intact and the medicinal formulations in the reference texts are narrated as examples of this treatment theory for individual diseases


For more information on Dhanwanthari vaidyasala Medicines, please click on the link below to take you to the Internet site related to the Indian Practice of Ayurveda Medicine.


Ayurveda Medicine


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